• Approximately one hour by ferry from Hong Kong just inside the Chinese Mainland Border.
• One of the most exotic landscapes in the world.
• Zhuhai is a vibrant, modern, beautiful city, immersed in the heart of Chinese culture, history and tradition.
• Close proximity to Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanning and other major cities.

• Experience the wonder of mainland China and the magic of Hong Kong.
• A wealth of indoor and outdoor activities.
• Take Chinese language classes (Optional).
• Visit the Great Wall and other major Chinese landmarks.
• Does your home have over 5000 years of culture and history?
• Trainees get free meals 3 times a day from Monday to Friday. Lunch on Saturday, lunch + dinner on Sunday.
• Trainees get free local tours once or twice per course (depending on which course they take) that is organized in English with local adult English learners on the same outing, which are typical of the trainees’ future students in China.
• Trainees have an opportunity to mingle with local working adults in a less formal, but well organized and assisted setting to make friends with local professionals that want to improve their English (Outside what the course has).
• Mandarin classes are available at a reasonable price in trainees’ spare time (weekend or evenings).
Taichi practice with local people near school every day, free of charge.
• Italian food, Indian food, Thai food, western fast

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