Discover a great destination — Paris, a city that is many different things to different people. Well informed, eloquent and oh-so-romantic—the French capital is the Number 1 tourist destination in the world with 45 million tourists annually.
Paris has used up all superlatives that could possibly be applied to any city. Its famous landmarks have been described countless times in books and in movies; however, what writers and film producers have been unable to express is the grandness and even the magic this city has.

Paris probably has more famous sights than any other city in the world. The media have created a stereotype picture of intellectuals discussing weighty matters in cafés, of lovers walking along the Seine, of naughty nightclub revues, and of rude French people who avoid speaking English. And if you look hard enough, you can probably find all of those. As a result, first-time visitors often arrive in the French capital with all sorts of expectations.
Another approach is to set aside the preconceptions of Paris and to explore the city’s beautiful avenues and forgotten backstreets as if the tip of the Eiffel Tower or the spire of Notre Dame wasn’t about to pop into view at any moment. You’ll soon discover (as so many others before you have) that a stay in this charming city is delightful almost everywhere, at any time of the year.

The summer in Paris is usually warm and pleasant with average temperatures between 15 and 25°C, and a fair amount of sunshine. Each year, however, there are a couple of days where the temperature rises above 32 °C (90 °F). Spring and autumn have, on average, mild days and fresh nights, but are changing and unstable. Surprisingly warm or cool weather happens frequently in both seasons. In winter, sunshine is scarce; days are cool but generally above freezing with temperatures around 7°C. Snowfall is rare, but the city sometimes sees light snow or flurries with or without accumulation. Rain falls throughout the year, and although Paris is not a very rainy city, it is known for heavy sudden showers.


Taking a TESOL course in Paris, France

In the season of giving, TEFL Paris is reducing the balance payment (final course fees) for the Paris TEFL course to 900 euros. Hopefully, this will be beneficial for many people.


The TEFL course takes place in the heart of the city in walking distance to the Eiffel Tower.  Everything Paris is so famous for is right at their finger tips: great shopping, elegant dining, cozy cafes, bars, cabaret shows and discotheques in which you can dance till dawn together with beautiful people.  Our center helps you find these places.  For all those who like it quiet, Paris offers tranquil moments in world-famous museums and in many of their beautiful parks and gardens.

Accommodated in a beautifully maintained, classical building, the college features large, modern classrooms equipped with all those amenities TEFL students need to have a comfortable learning experience.  Besides access to a copy machine and a printer, our students may also use wireless Internet with laptop computers.

The EFL/ESL students they teach are locals or visitors to Paris who come from all parts of the world.

It’s a great starting place to look for jobs in Europe.

And the time in the beautiful French capital is rounded up with the opportunity to learn French.


Paris, France Course Description and FAQs

Paris, France Course Description and FAQs

Course Dates


  • 5 February 2018 – 2 March 2018
  • 5 March 2018 – 30 March 2018
  • 2 April 2018 – 27 April 2018
  • 30 April 2018 – 25 May 2018
  • 4 June 2018 – 29 June 2018
  • 2 July 2018 – 27 July 2018
  • 6 August 2018 – 31 August 2018
  • 3 September 2018 – 28 September 2018
  • 1 October 2018 – 26 October 2018
  • 29 October 2018 – 23 November 2018
  • 26 November 2018 – 21 December 2018

Course Fee

The total price is divided into: deposit and balance.

The deposit may be paid via a) credit card b) Paypal c) wire transfer d) Western Union.

The balance of the course fee must be paid by cash, PayPal or bank transfer directly to the training centre on the first day of the course.



Accommodation Fees

The accommodation fees are not part of the course price and you are free to choose whichever accommodation option you prefer.

You are not obliged to use the accommodation options we provide so you are welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements if you wish. If you choose to use one of our accommodation options, it should be paid for directly to the provider upon arrival.



At TEFL Paris, we offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit different lifestyles and budgets. You can choose a student residence, sharing your overseas experience with other international students, or the security of staying with a host family away from the lively city centre.

You may select a hostel or opt to get a hotel room. Everything is available at different budget levels.
We know that your accommodation is one of the most important parts of your stay in Paris, and we take special care to make sure that all the families we use are top quality. We always check hostels and take on more as we find new ones which match our required standards.

Host Family Accommodation
In order to offer students the best possible service and choice of home stays, we work together with a professional hosting company for placing students. Finding the best family-based accommodation is a specialist job we have chosen to work with an organization which can give us the service you need. You’ll have a furnished room with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The minimum stay is generally one week. Prices for a room with breakfast start at €560/month, excluding service fees.

Students Houses
Close to the subway and many shops, they all come with water, fridge, hot plate, bed and table. Linen is provided. Shower and toilet are shared. Student houses are completely self-sufficient. Prices start at €390/month and include heat and water.

Hostel Accommodation Year Round
All the hostel accommodation offers self-catering facilities, usually sharing a kitchen and bathroom with other students. All residences have TVs, and some have Internet access and phones in the rooms. En-suite accommodation is available in a number of the residences. There are many hostels all over Paris. Some of them have excellent references and offer beds starting at €22/night in a multiple-bed dorm.

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