In partnership with Tefl International, TESOL4KOREA purpose is to create an opportunity for the student in South Korea to get their accredited TESOL certificate. We can accomplish this by creating a schedule that fits your busy lifestyle. We offer face to face teacher training or online (Skype) instruction.


Option 1:

If you choose the face to face instruction, TESOL4KOREA will create a schedule that meets your busy work lifestyle. Expect lots of teacher student interactions and student-teacher demonstration. Homework is usually assigned on a regular basis. This option usually takes 4 weeks to complete.

Option 2:

If you choose the online option, TESOL4KOREA will have classes on Skype. Classes are usually held during the weekdays but can be available on the weekends too. This option is our most popular and allows the individual student to choose what time period is most suitable for them. But most importantly TESOL4KOREA will create a schedule that doesn’t conflict with your daytime work schedule. This option usually takes 8 weeks to complete.

-6 Weeks for Skype classes

-2 weeks for preparation for the final exam.


Students will be given textbooks and materials to help guide their understanding.

Tuition Cost

Option 1:

Students can make full payment to Darrell Monkman director at TESOL4KOREA.

Option 2:

To offer more financial flexibility, the potential student can make W500,000 for their first deposit and another W500,000 when they graduate.


Further questions about this program I can be reached at the following information below

Darrell Monkman


Email: tesol4korea@gmail.com

Cell: 010-9473-3005

Cheongju, South Korea

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