TEFL International TESOL Hybrid Course – Ban Phe, Thailand


Join us for this exciting opportunity to complete your online TEFL International TESOL Hybrid Course Phase 3 Observations and Teaching Practice in Ban Phe, Thailand. We have beaches; we have exciting teaching practice with eager students, and, we have the expertise to make your stay a lifetime experience.



Ban Phe is a bustling tourist destination about 3 hours from Bangkok by bus or taxi. It is the ferry point for the island resorts of Koh Samet, and the center for 22 kilometers of beach locations.  There are vestiges of its origins as a fishing village, but with a TESCO-Lotus Supermarket and a MACRO Supercenter to serve the myriad resorts and hotels along the coast, it offers everything a visitor might desire. On top of that good German bread and French Croissants are available daily at Peta’s Store. A pleasant mix of a small Thai town with an international flavor from both short term visitors and long term residents.

About the school

The TEFL International TESOL Hybrid course is based at a Buddhist monk school, Wat Mongkol Samakkhi Thammothai, just off the beach at Mae Ramphung Beach, a few kilometers from the center of Ban Phe town. Observed teaching and Teaching Practice sessions will take place at this school, or in nearby schools. The school is for children 8-15 years of age, grade 7 to grade 10, and offers ideal conditions for teaching practice. The students are enthusiastic and curious about international visitors. The site is not air-conditioned, but is shaded and located on a hillside above the beach with a lovely breeze throughout the day.

A short video of Dave Hopkins, Lead Trainer, teaching at the monk school can be viewed at the following YouTube link   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZVaOMb410o

Accommodations are available along the beach a short distance away (5-10′ walk).

Mae Rampung Beach


Map.  Ban Phe town



Google map and photos of Wat Mongkol Samakkhi Thammothai

View Wat Mongkol Samakkhi Thammothai in Google Maps.



The Program

The first two phases of the TESOL Hybrid course are completed online at the teacher’s location. Phase 3 can be competed at the teacher’s location, or at the TEFL International TESOL Course center in Ban Phe, Thailand. Class Observations (4) and Teaching Practice (6) will be arranged over the two weeks the teacher is in residence. The Teaching Practice classes will be with students 12 to 16 years old, and 8-16 students in each one-hour class. Students are at the A2 to B1 level on the Common European Framework reference scale. See complete course description below. You can start and finish the course anytime within the time limits for each phase – 30 days. You must give 30 days notice and payment to do teaching observations and practice in Ban Phe, Thailand.


Ban Phe Climate

Ban Phe has a tropical climate with three clear seasons. From March to May, there is little rain and very warn and humid. From June to October you can expect periods of tropical rain, lasting from between 10 minutes to several hours. After rainfall, the weather is normally sunny and clear. From November up to February, expect cool days. Year round temperatures average at a pleasant 27ºC /81ºF.

Country Costs

Ban Phe is a very inexpensive place to live! It is possible to survive on a budget of $10 per day in Thailand and this is of course one of the reasons for its popularity amongst tourists and travellers. Dollar cost for: Hot meal 1.00, Bottle of beer 1.20, Bottle of water 0.20, 20-minute motorbike taxi ride 0.50Thai food and drink is cheap and basic accommodation is abundant but costs will rise if you want to eat Western food and stay in more expensive resorts and hotels. It is possible to find worthwhile entertainment to meet even the most stringent of budgets.

Visa Requirements

Visitors to Thailand are required to have a passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival. Entry is permitted on a Tourist Stamp for most nationalities allowing you to stay for a maximum of thirty days. A Tourist Visa-Free Stamp cannot be extended.  If you plan on staying longer in Thailand it is advised that you get a Tourist Visa from one of the Thai Embassies or Consulates abroad. This will allow you a stay of 60 days in most cases, and can be extended.

On entering Thailand you may be asked to prove that you are in possession of a ticket for return or onward travel. In addition, you may be asked to prove that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your stay. Please note that you are required to pay a departure tax before you are able to leave Thailand, which is normally included in the price of your ticket.

Health & Safety

Thailand is a safe place. That does not mean that there is no crime or no chance of getting hurt. Visitors are urged to exercise the same caution that they would in any overseas location, and not take unnecessary risks. We advise against the use of motorbikes. The medical care available in Ban Phe and in the hospitals of nearby Rayong is world class and inexpensive by international standards. You should have a credit card to guarantee payment, and a list of any allergies or special conditions. No additional shots are needed, although visitors from Latin American may be asked to show Yellow Fever certificates.

The People

We live in Ban Phe and bring years of experience with this program and helping visitors like you. We are committed to making your course and stay in Ban Phe as pleasant and fruitful as possible. It will take some effort on your part as well.




Dave Hopkins has been a professional teacher and trainer in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) for more than 4 decades, and is currently listed as an English Language Specialist with the U.S. State Dept. He has taught and conducted programs in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Dave is the Academic Director.


Manote Kayim, Logistics Coordinator, has worked with TESOL courses in Ban Phe for more than 10 years, and has extensive knowledge of the attractions and facilities available in the area.


Koh Samet  is a favorite island destination just off the coast of Ban Phe. It offers a range of resorts and some of the most beautiful beaches in the area.



A great place to spend a weekend getaway. What’s not to enjoy!


TEFL International Hybrid TESOL Course

The TESOL Hybrid Program – Component Summary

A TESOL Course tutorial to fit you!


The TEFL International TESOL Hybrid Course involves the teacher in all of the components of an onsite TESOL Certificate course at their own location, or, teachers can complete the last 2 weeks at specified TELF International course centers. The Course includes:


  1. Foreign Language Experience(FLE). The teacher must take 3 hours of a foreign language in a class, or in one-to-one tutorials with a native speaker of the target language. These may be informal interactions, but must involve an attempt to learn language. Qualification outcome: the teacher completes the Portfolio documentation and meets the criteria specified
  2. Student Profile (SP). The teacher identifies an English Language Learner (ELL) and completes the three required 60′ sessions, which are documented in the Portfolio. Qualification outcome: the teacher will complete the Portfolio documentation meeting the specified criteria.
  3. Language Awareness (LA). The trainee will be able to identify key language features in their observations and teaching practice, and use phonemic transcription to connect spoken and written forms of the language. Qualification outcome: the teacher will complete the Grammar and Phonology exam with a score of 70+.
  4. Teaching Techniques (TT). The methodology is accepted as “best practices” for professional English language teaching. Tasks will be assigned from the course text and recorded on a daily basis in the Teacher’s Journal. Qualification outcomes: The teacher will complete the tasks assigned by the tutor with submissions and SKYPE interviews as needed.


  1. Teaching Experience (TE). This component has the following subcomponents.
    1. Guided observation of DEMO lessons and reconstruction on the Observation Report Form (4 required)
    2. Lesson Planning (6) on forms provided.
    3. Student profile meetings. 2 meetings of 60′ with an English language learner, documented in Portfolio.
    4. Teaching practice (6 classes of 60′ with at least 6 students). The trainee will have highlights of these classes videoed.
    5. Tutor Feedback Reports (8) completed by the observer on lesson plans, self-evaluations and video submitted by the teacher.
    6. Self-Evaluation forms completed by the trainee (8 including SP)


The Teaching Experience can be completed at the TEFL International TESOL course center in Ban Phe, Thailand, or by approved arrangements at the teacher’s location. Qualification outcome: submission of the Portfolio documentation and SKYPE interviews as needed.



The TESOL Hybrid is divided into three phases. All fees are payable in advance of the stage to be completed. Maximum time to complete each Phase is 30 days.


Phase 1 – Fees: registration $100, course fees $300

  • Registration
  • Foreign language experience
  • Student Profile

Phase 2 – Course fee $300

  • Language awareness: grammar & phonology
  • Teaching techniques

Phase 3 – Course Fee $300 completed at the teacher’s location, or at the TEFL                   International TESOL Course center in Ban Phe, Thailand

  • DEMO observation
  • Teaching Practice


Accommodation in Ban Phe is not provided but can be arrange through the TESOL Course staff.



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