TEFL International Worldwide Locations

When it comes to choosing the right TEFL program for you, it’s extremely important to consider the location in which you want to study, live, and eventually teach. Every country has its own unique customs, traditions, and landscapes to experience. Each location presents its own distinct challenges and opportunities. With this in mind, TEFL International offers over thirty course center locations in nearly two dozen countries around the world. Our goal is to provide our students and graduates with as many options as possible in order to get them going on the right path to an exciting career in overseas education. Our course centers provide local expertise to ensure that your learning experience is culturally rewarding and fun, while maintaining a challenging and engaging curriculum. This holistic approach, incorporating quality education with cultural immersion, is what TEFL International is recognized and respected for worldwide. With course center locations on six continents, we’re confident that you will find the program that is perfect for you.

Whether it’s the bright lights of Seoul, South Korea, the rustic countryside of rural France, or the breathtaking sights of Alexandria, Egypt, you’re sure to gain, not only the knowledge and skills to teach English abroad, but the ability to fully immerse yourself in the unique culture, customs, and language of your host country.

TEFL International’s TESOL certificate course imparts to students the proven methods and techniques necessary to teach with total confidence, and ensures that students are prepared to teach English as a foreign language anywhere in the world.

Global TEFL Job Placement

TEFL jobs offer graduates a kind of satisfaction that other careers simply can’t. Our graduates tell us again and again that teaching English abroad has both changed their outlook on life, and given them a financial independence they never had before. Providing access to dramatic landscapes and cultural experiences that are unavailable to most people, TEFL International allows course graduates to see the world and to help improve the lives of people across the globe through quality education.

TEFL International has been training students and preparing them to teach English abroad for over a decade. Finding fulfilling employment for our students is our ultimate goal and our top priority. We assist all of our course graduates in their job search goals and offer job placement services as well as a guaranteed job placement program to those who qualify.

Students are typically employed immediately upon graduation from TEFL International’s TESOL certification program. Employment in the TESOL field provides educators with the freedom to travel the world while providing an invaluable service to non-English speakers.

There are countless websites that are dedicated to connecting eager job seekers with sought-after employment opportunities, none of which will take you very far in your pursuit of an international teaching job. These sites are unable to offer the personal attention that quality job placement requires and that overseas job placement demands. This level of service is what TEFL International is proud to provide for our graduates and what our organization is known for the world over.

TESOL jobs from TEFL International come with hard work, dedicated study, and the motivation to meet your own inimitable potential. TEFL International provides you with the skills and knowledge to obtain the best positions in the TEFL, TESOL, and ESL fields.