TEFL INTL is a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower the most deserving to fight against poverty and provide humanitarian aid where it is needed most.

Our objective is to provide basic necessities for survival and sustainable supports including food aid, clean drinking water, and empowering children with English education.

If you are interested to join our volunteering international dream team please contact us.

Our core project is: Pink Angels of Myanmar

Pink Angels of Myanmar

Who: The Pink Angels of Myanmar are 121+ baby & young girl orphans (all female) who live in Yangon, Myanmar. These children’s ages range from 1 year old to 17 and are watched over by one single woman principal. They have zero to little contact with their birth mothers, are living in improper, unsafe and unsanitary conditions (such as unclean drinking and bathing water), and spend most of their days walking their village to request for food and money so that they can sustain their own living.

What: The orphanage itself is not sustainable. The location is highly at risk with no security or fencing to protect the girls from anyone trespassing & theft. Also, the water they are drinking is dirty and full of chemicals and improper for even bathing, and yet because they have no choice at this time, this is what they are left with. Numerous times men have entered and stolen from their premises such as twice their donated water pump were stolen. Some fundraising has helped bring in a couple of filters but there are 120+ girls and the support they have gotten so far is not nearly enough to protect everybody. We cannot freely request visitors and helpers to visit to give help due to concerns for their safety if we disclose their whereabouts in case it gets into the wrong hands.

When: Since the water they are drinking is so unsafe, we find it an urgency and priority to first change their water filtration and to provide at least the basic hygienic support. While there are many valuable causes around the world, we have found that these girls are one of the most in need of support because locals do not even visit to support, let alone international volunteers. It is a neglected orphanage, which, without support will suffer tremendously.

Where: Yangon, Myanmar

How: There are so many different ways to serve. Firstly, raising awareness by photos, writing, videography, sharing, using our platforms and our voices will allow for more people to start caring as we have started to do. Secondly, our events have helped to raise some funds and more publicity so that more people are apt to take actions. The momentum has begun and we just need more funds and people to make it sustainable.

Why: We are born here to serve and awaken, not to just take care of ourselves. It is our duty as human beings to pay it forward for all of the blessings we are blessed with. With your time, energy, and support we can together change the world, one system of change at a time.

TEFL Intl and our volunteers are standing to create love, education, empowerment, security for these angels and we will also stand to create repeatable, sustainable systems for people to be able to replicate all around the world.



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